La Bulería presents an exceedingly dramatic flamenco show of a very high standard with impressive interpretation. We have a firm conviction that it is our responsibility to show our clientele the true identity of flamenco and afford it the respect that this art form deserves. We plan a unique programme of shows that will remain, for always,in the memories of those who come to see us.

Our programme will bring together the styles that most represent flamenco. From the first primitive darkness of “la toná” and “el martinete” to the majestic dance of “soleá”, from the genres of festive “rumbas” and “bulerías” to the gallant beauty of “las sevillanas”; a real journey through the world of flamenco performed by a collection of great artists.




Cuerpo de baile
Esther Gracés
Marisa Gallardo

Juanma Maya

Guitarra Flamenca
José Antonio Torres